New investor pitch deck post: any requests?

I’m now in the process of completely updating this post for 2010. I already have great new material…BUT I would really like to hear if there are any questions or requests for the updated version while I’m at it. Please comment here.


2 Responses

  1. Kip,

    I really like your Investor Pitch Deck approach but have questions regarding Slide 9: Financials. From the Entrepreneurs’ point of view, the near-term Financials/Head Count/Cash Flow are our primary live-or-die concern. But I don’t see how the long-term upside of the Opportunity is communicated to the potential Investors, especially if the Opportunity is in the development stage of a NOT en vogue market. How do you suggest doing so.

    Many thanks,

    • Hey Scott. Unless you’re forecasting really big amounts of revenue, the financial slide DOESN’T communicate the long-term upside. And, in particular, if you’re talking about how to communicate a potential EXIT value for your investors – I wouldn’t attempt to communicate that – first, because you (or anyone) would be wrong at this point and second because the only control you have over outcome is indirectly through great execution.

      Instead, talk about the market and how valuable it is; talk about the big players and why they can’t innovate the way small start-ups can; talk about how acquisitive the market is; talk about all the data points that suggest that the idea + great execution could be very valuable.

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