Rise Across Texas Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 was the first day of riding; the group went from Orange, Texas at the Texas-Louisiana border to Kountze, Texas.  Some of the early circles near Orange were due to the kick-off ceremony.  We had beautiful weather and the wind only kicked up towards the end of the ride.  I’ve got a feeling these were probably the best conditions we’ll see during the entire trip…but we’ll see.

Stats for today are as follows:

59.9 miles in about 4 hours (the chart below says 4:53:30 because of starting and stopping the RunKeeper iPhone app).  As a side note, I like RunKeeper – if you bike or run – it’s highly recommended…although, it helps the iPhone eat batteries so I’m trying a variety of things to prolong the battery life.

RunKeeper says that, in total, we climbed 1900 feet; the “Trek guide” suggests that it’s closer to 1000 feet of rise and drop.  Finally, it looks like about 2700 calories were burned.  Not sure if that’s accurate, but I’m starved at the moment.  Here’s the route marked with 10-mile increment on top of Google Maps from RunKeeper:

Rick Perry, The Governor of Texas, joined us for the entire ride today (see picture below).  Two thoughts:

  1. Lesson learned:  whenever possible, ride with the Governor…the police escort rocks
  2. The Gov can ride for real (wish I could say the same for me).  He led the pack for good bit and finished strong.

The people were great – especially the crowd in Orange; the ride was not as hard as I was fearing…but tomorrow is 83 miles compared to today’s 59 as we head off to Conroe.

So far, the two most common things to see along the ride are road kill (all variety) and Chihuahua’s (alive & in yards; no, I don’t know why).  For day 2: One flat tire; no injuries; and a Super 8 Motel in Kountze…all good.


4 Responses

  1. How is Jim doing so far?

  2. Now you’ll be hooked on a police escort whenever you ride. It’s the only way to go.

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