The Early 2010 agenda for blog posts

coming soon….

– finish discussion of slow capital and capitally-disciplined start-ups
– driving progress with purpose … the start-up mantra
– an updated and revised example funding deck & discussion for 2010
– an on-going, real-world analysis of my start-up project (all year)
– more on the enterprise activity stream


The Enterprise Activity Stream

Here’s a partially formed thought:  For any enterprise with an on-line product/service or for any enterprise that does business on-line (I think that’s pretty much all of them by now), a meaningful understanding of User-Product-Service Activity will very quickly (if not already) become a core value proposition.  Understanding what users & customers are doing, when & why; how is a product being used, when & why;    Two key words here are activity and enterprise.

Activity represents the component parts of behavior.

Activity tells you why, when, where and how your product or service is valuable to your customer.  It also tells you how your product or service is being used at a level of detail never before possible, enabling an understanding that allows you to improve your product and service relentlessly.  Therefore, it’s core to any iterative process as well.  Knowledge of activity and behavior provide an unfair advantage in understanding customer’s attitude and willingness to continue being a customer. It enables maximally relevant conversations between you and your customer about what matters…whatever that might be.

An “activity stream” is the essence of Twitter and a core feature of Facebook…however, these are consumer services and have a generic, spread-spectrum focus.  Twitter and Facebook mix the personal and professional, business and consumer, artistic, political, religious and everywhere in between. Furthermore, many social networking platforms are simply not viable within the enterprise today.

In any event, the concept worth exploring is an Enterprise Activity Stream and it’s implications for businesses going forward.  I believe is onto this concept to a certain extent with its future Chatter platform but we’re in the very early days.  The possibilities and implications here are pretty big…more on this soon….